OÜ Kateras

Kateras OÜ has been building steam- and condensate powered systems, constructing and projecting different pressure systems since 2010. According to our customers’ needs, we also offer construction and installation of container boiler houses.


Our company has the right to install, repair and service all the different systems of steam- and water powered boilers. Also, we are able to assemble a working pressure of 55,0 bar gas pipelines and systems.


As we have a long-term work experience in the Baltic countries and also in Finland, we can offer our customers high-quality and cost-effective technical solutions and plans.


For pipework and installing equipments we use TIG, MMA and MIG/MAG welding procedures. Our welders are certified according to EVS-EN 287 standard.


Our company has a certificate QW-028-21, which complies with the welding quality standard EN ISO 3834-2: 2005.